Dan Albertson

Selected Experience:

The Living Composers Project, USA: Founder, 2000; Curator, 2000–

Duties include:

– Collaborating with composers to create texts reflecting their lives and works and maintaining exchanges with them, for the purpose of keeping information current;

– Reviewing and adding links to individual websites;

– Ensuring accuracy of information, both collated and presented;

– Maintaining the documents, links or separate pages of more than 4400 composers represented in the website, initially in collaboration and thereafter alone.

Cybele Records, Germany: Translator, 2003–

Duties include:

– Translating texts from German to English for inclusion as printed material for SACD releases;

– Coordinating bilingual texts;

– Translating occasional material for promotions and the website of the label.

Contemporary Music Review, UK: Volume Editor, 2004–14; Member of Editorial Board, 2014–

Duties include (first capacity):

– Translating texts for inclusion;

– Writing texts for inclusion;

– Finding contributors to write essays for themed volumes;

– Editing submitted essays for inclusion;

– Ensuring accuracy of submitted texts;

– Selecting photographs, scores and other visual material for inclusion;

– Preparing submission of completed journal for approval by publisher.

Duties include (second capacity):

– Suggesting and evaluating proposals for future volumes.

La Folia, USA: Critic, 2004–06; 2008–

Duties include:

– Evaluating new CD releases, radio broadcasts;

– Comparing new and old CD releases;

– Writing concert reviews;

– Writing commentaries on contemporary music and performance praxis.

Ear Taxi Festival, USA: Festival Program Book Editor, 2016

Duties include:

– Compiling all information for the programme book;

– Editing and arranging received materials;

– Verifying accuracy of all content, biographical and otherwise.


– English (native)

– German (advanced: reading, speaking, writing)

– French (advanced: reading; fair: speaking, writing)

– Italian (fair: reading; poor: speaking, writing)

– Spanish (fair: reading; poor: speaking, writing)

– Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese (elementary)

Current as of 27 August 2017.