Nor Reason is a venue for commentary, contemplation and criticism.

The aim of Nor Reason, founded in 2014, is to provide space for the manifold obsessions and preoccupations of its founder, Dan Albertson, and invited guests who share a passion for music, but are also willing to engage in other topics.

Each week, a new article will explore a different theme, with an emphasis on the irritations, quirks and saving graces of modern life.

Nor Reason is the first component of Compass of Infinity, a new endeavour grounded in the reassessment of contemporary culture, to be established. More offshoots are projected. The title Nor Reason is a paraphrase of the closing section of the poem Graces by Dan Albertson (2012–13):

A lightness in the eye
At the sound of falling,
Where neither burned the folly of reason
Nor the light of madness:
The eons break,
And time retreats from infinity.